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: Roman Serbyn: "Day of Partisan Glory" - Kuchma's new gift to Ukr

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"Day of Partisan Glory" - Kuchma's new gift to Ukraine

According to "Ukraina Moloda" (Sept. 25), Leonid Kuchma promised to
introduce a new "sviato" - "Den' partyzans'koi slavy", to be celebrated
on Sept. 22. Kuchma took part in a commemorative meeting in Putyvl'
for the 60th anniversary of the organization of a local partisan unit
lead by Sydor Kovpak. The "partisans" to be thus honored are not the UPA units who fought both the Nazi and the Communist empires, but only the "Red partisans" who, whatever their personal merits and subjective
motives, objectively helped bring back to Ukraine Stalin's repressive
regime. Once more, the president of Ukraine is caving in to the old
mohicans from the Soviet era and introducing holidays that will only
divide help divide the Ukrainian society.

The new "holiday" is one more prop for the myth of the "Great Patriotic
War"! A couple of years ago, aping Moscow, Kuchma brought in the "Day
of the Defender of the Fatherland" (Den' zakhysnyka vitchyzny"), to
educate Ukrainian youth in the spirit of patriotism, so he claimed.
And what did he chose as a model for his "Ukrainian" patriotism? Not
the battle of Kruty (29 Jan.), when Kyiv students gave their lives to
defend the Ukrainian capital against the Bolshevik onslaught, but the
old Red Army Day (23 Feb.), during which soviet citizens celebrated a
fictitious military encounter of the Red Army with the Germans.

Kuchma has said that the "national principle" did not work in Ukraine!
That is not true. The national principle is very much at work in
Ukraine. In fact there are two Ukrainian national principles competing
for the loyalty of the citizens of Ukraine. One sees Ukraine as a
completely separate and sovereign state, while the other - a child of
the Soviet period of Ukrainian history - has still to cut its umbilical
cord to its Soviet past.

Both Ukrainian national principles are defined by the past tragedies and
triumphs of the Ukrainian people. In the first principle, these crucial
moments of Ukrainian history are epitomized by the tragedy of the
Genocide-Famine of 1933 and the succesful culmination of the age-old
struggle in the present-day independent Ukraine. The second national
principle was shaped by the German-Soviet war of 1941-45 and remains
wholy centred on it. The "Great Patriotic War" contains the two
defining moments of the principle: the tragedy of the horrendous loss of
life and the triumph of the heroic struggle for the expulsion of, and
victory over, the enemy. In the second Ukrainian national principle the
bestiality of the war replaced the famine-genocide as the apex of the
country's suffering, while the quasi-accidental acquisition of Ukrainian
independence is overshadowed by the more glorious struggle for the
common "Soviet Fatherland". The Soviet regime, the main tormentor of
the Ukrainian nation in the first principle, becomes the main saviour in
the second.

These two national principles are at work in Ukraine today. The chief
proponents of the second national principle are: a) the main veteran
organization and b) the so-called Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the
Moscow Patriarchate. They do not deny the existence of the Ukrainian
nation, its culture and language. They don't even challenge the
existence of the Ukrainian state. They only want to keep the whole
"Ukrainian" business in its proper, traditional place.

Those interested in the ongoing controversy over OUN-UPA may want to
read the attack of the Kom.Party hack Ivan Khmil' , Doctor of historical
sciences, professor, Chair (kerivnyk) of the Veterans' Centre for the
defense of truth on history of the Great Patriotic War [I'm not
inventing, these are his titles] against the historian Stanislav
Kulchyts'ky (and the latter's reply) in Den' (Sept. 26). As they have a
large voting power, Kuchma listens to them.

Roman Serbyn

додано: 01-10-2001 // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1001916163.html
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