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: New terrorist theories and evidence about cause of air blast

додано: 08-10-2001 // // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1002532983.html
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By Israelinsider staff October 7, 2001

Despite the public claims that a misguided Ukrainian missile was responsible for downing of Siberian Airlines 1812, DEBKAfile has claimed in an unconfirmed report that Russian and Israeli investigators have ruled out the Ukrainian missile theory in favor of a previously unmentioned terrorist scenario. "They are coming to believe that an explosive charge attached to a handheld radio was planted in the ceiling of the passengers cabin before it left Novosibirsk for Tel Aviv." The bomb is believed to have been planted, most
probably, on the day before the fatal flight by a terrorist attached to a Siberian
airport technical crew. One such "electrician" reportedly removed several
ceiling tiles and checked the wiring before the jet took off for Tel Aviv.
Reportedly he was not seen again. If this report is confirmed, it would mean
that the doomed plane carried the bomb from Novosibirsk to Tel Aviv and took
off again, without security inspectors - Israeli or Russian - checking the
interior of the plane's fuselage.

DEBKAfile reports that an American attempt to cover up the terrorist link to the
downing of the Russian jet, and to squelch a joint announcement of Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Russian President Vladimir Putin was "the real
cause" for Sharon's angry outburst that same night. "In several hours on the
phone with Putin, the two agreed to announce that terrorists had brought
down the Siberian airliner. When this was reported in Washington, the
Americans asked both the Russians and the Israelis to hold off on the
announcement. They feared Moscow would exploit it to launch a general
offensive in Chechnya before the American campaign in Afghanistan was
properly launched. They also wanted to prevent Israel taking the opportunity
of hitting the Palestinians or the Lebanese Hizbullah. Sharon blew his top --
not over US Middle East or anti-terror coalition policies, but over this particular
episode," DEBKAfile claimed.

Interfax reported that experts deciphering the tapes of conversations aboard
the Tu-154 that crashed in the Black Sea heard a pilot cry out, reported
Russia's Deputy Transportation Minister Alexander Neradko at a press
conference on Sunday. He said a ground-based tape recorder fixed this cry
at 1:45 p.m. Specialists were studying this recording is being studied by
specialists, and Neradko said the pilot's cry might have coincided with the
moment of an explosion aboard the plane.

додано: 08-10-2001 // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1002532983.html
Версія до друку // Редагувати // Стерти

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