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Kyiv Post: Tents go up and then down in Kyiv

додано: 17-12-2001 // // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1008609832.html
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Kyiv Post

A dozen protesters pitched tents on Kyiv’s Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Dec. 10 to mark the 53rd anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, and to draw attention to what they said are continuing human rights and free speech abuses in Ukraine.

Mykhailo Svistovych, who organized the protest, said members of the Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian Self Defense League (UNA-UNSO) joined the protest. The demonstration ended Dec. 11 after police broke up the camp and detained six protesters.

Among the detainees was UNA-UNSO’s press secretary Tetyana Chornovil. She told Radio Liberty that opposition members were planning to march on Kyiv to demand the release of 18 UNA-UNSO members awaiting trial for civil unrest. They have been detained since March.

“Almost all [political] parties support our protest, but they are either afraid to join us or are busy getting themselves ready for the parliamentary elections,” Radio Liberty quoted Chornovil as saying.

Hundreds of campers gathered in Kyiv in December 2000 to protest against president Leonid Kuchma in an action they dubbed Ukraine without Kuchma.

Demonstrators, including representatives of the Socialist Party, Sobor party, Forward Ukraine, and Young Rukh party, pitched tents on Maidan Nezalezhnosti calling for the president’s dismissal. They accused Kuchma of scheming to kidnap opposition journalist Georgy Gongadze, who vanished on Sept. 16, 2000.

On March 1, about 400 police cordoned off the tent city, detained some 100 protesters and dismantled the camp. Following a riot near the Presidential Administration on March 9, police detained over 200 protesters, predominantly UNA-UNSO members who were the most active in the demonstration.

додано: 17-12-2001 // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1008609832.html
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