: 05-11-2003
Jack Palance Peter Borisow: Letter to George W. Bush
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His Excellency George W. Bush
President of the United States of America
The White House
Washington, D.C.
Dear Mr. President:
In 1994, the United States made the Most Important Promise of the 20th Century. We promised to protect Ukrainian sovereignty in exchange for Ukraines destruction of its nuclear arsenal, at the time one sufficient to destroy our planet several times over.

This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the Holodomor, the genocide of 1932-33, when the Soviets killed 10 million Ukrainians. The House of Representatives recently passed a resolution remembering this tragic horror. Soviet state terrorism killed 8 million more Ukrainians in an effort to extinguish Ukrainian national identity once and for all.

But, even after having suffered the slaughter of more than half its population to Soviet genocide and Russian ethnic cleansing, independent Ukraine, breathing free of Russian conquest for the first time in centuries, had enough faith in the Promise of the United States to turn over destruction of its nuclear arsenal to Russia, the very nation that had inflicted so much horror and terror upon the Ukrainian nation.

The Promise by the United States to the People of Ukraine, a people who have suffered so much and then gave up so much based on their trust in that Promise by the United States, simply cannot be broken.

The Ukrainian American community supported the decision by Ukraine to surrender its nuclear arsenal. This support was based entirely on good faith and trust in the Promise of the United States, the greatest nation on earth, which in the course of two world wars had the courage to fight for justice and equity. Surely, having made such a solemn Promise, the United States of America would keep that Promise.

Today, Ukraine is under threat of military attack by Russia in the Kerch Strait as Russia builds a dam that invades Ukrainian territory and that will dramatically alter not just the seabed but also the territorial integrity of the Crimean Peninsula, an integral part of Ukraine, and access to the Azov Sea, an integral part of Ukraines coastline.

When Ukraine took minimal steps to protect Tuzla from seizure by Russia, Mr. Putins Chief of Staff said, If necessary, we will drop a bomb there. This is an attempt at straightforward conquest of Ukrainian territory designed to advance Russias plan to force Ukraine into a New Russian Empire.

The danger to the United States in this situation is even greater than the danger to Ukraine. We are in a very difficult time in a number of hot spots around the world Iraq and the Koreas, to mention just two. Our success in these areas will depend as much on our credibility and leadership as on our military might.

If the United States fails to keep its Promise to Ukraine to protect Ukraines sovereignty in the face of blatant Russian aggression, Russia will have proven to the world that a Promise by the United States, no matter how solemn, is nothing to rely on.

The inevitable consequence will be that nations which have avoided arming themselves with weapons of mass destruction, will now feel it necessary to do so. If the United States fails to protect Ukraine after Ukraine disarmed in reliance on the Promise of the United States, why should any nation ever again believe an American Promise?

Mr. Putin is a smooth KGB operative who never loses sight of his long term goal. His short term goal in this action is to advance Russian takeover of Crimea. His long term goal is to increase Russian influence around the world by demonstrating that a Promise by the United States is worthless when tested.

As Americans, we urge you to defend our future in a peaceful world by demonstrating to the world that a Promise by the United States can be relied on for future security. As Ukrainian Americans, having lost so many to genocide and war, we urge you to protect Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Mr. President, do not let 2003 be remembered as the year when the United States broke its Promise to Ukraine, when the United States turned its back on Ukraine.

The Ukrainian American community is working very hard to help the democratic process in Ukraine by vigorously supporting free and democratic elections for the Presidency next year and by vigorously promoting business with the rapidly growing free market economy in Ukraine. The recent Roundtable Meetings in Washington were very successful in solidifying Ukrainian commitment to both.

An independent and democratic Ukraine is a necessary foundation for world peace and a necessary bulkhead against an increasingly powerful and menacing Russian Empire. Let us not be fooled by Mr. Putins spin-meisters. The Russian Empire is void of democracy and shows the same menacing and challenging imperialistic behavior towards the United States as did the Soviet Union. No matter how slick, it is just the same old riverboat gambler in a new suit.

Remember, it is Ukrainian, not Russian, soldiers who went to Iraq to support American troops even before the outbreak of the war. Remember, it is Ukrainian, not Russian soldiers who are on the front lines in Iraq today, side by side with our American fighting men and women.

Mr. President, tell your friend, Mr. Putin, Keep your hands off Ukraine.

Mr. President, tell the world, You can rely on America. A Promise by the United States of America is a Promise America will keep. Ukraine will remain secure and free.
Yours sincerely,
Jack Palance Peter Borisow
Chairman President
The Hollywood Trident Foundation
Los Angeles, California

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