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додано: 06-11-2003
Maidan: Georgiy Gongadze's case makes news in Ukraine again

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This week several events have drawn the ukrainian citizens' attention back to the case of Georgiy Gongadze, a journalist of an internet newspaper, who was kindapped and, apparently, murdered in autumn of year 2000.

The first event was the unexpected dismissal of the Prosecutor general, Svyatoslav Piskun, by the President Leonid Kuchma. The dismissal followed Mr.Piskun's and his associates' statements, where they claimed that they had ascertained the identities of those who were involved in the murders of Mr.Gongadze and Mr.Aleksandrov, another journalist, and the participation of supreme officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (the police) in this case.

Simultaneously with Mr.Piskun's dismissal, President Kuchma commanded to release one of the prime suspects - General of the Police Mr.Pukach. According to reliable sources, under arrest Mr.Pukach was about to testify to the investigators of the Office of Prosecutor General, and give out the names of the supreme officials, who had ordered the kindapping of Georgiy Gongadze and, possibly, his assasination. These persons could be the current Head of Tax Inspection Service, at that time - the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr.Kravchenko, or even President Kuchma himself. This is indicated by the recordings of Major of Presidential Security, Mr. Mykola Mel'nychenko, which were later made public by the opposition. Major Mel'nychenko has took refuge in the USA, where he is staying presently.
Some members of Ukrainian parlament, and Georgiy Gongadze's wife, Myroslava Gondgadze, who has taken refuge in the USA as well and is an associate of Radio Liberty, believe that the unexpected dismissal of Mr.Piskun, who had been permanently loyal to President Kuchma, is an attempt to prevent further progress in the investigation of the case, and stop General Pukach from testifying.

Officially, General Pukach is accused in deliberate disposal of important papers and clues attached to the case of Georgiy Gongadze. However, there is ground for assumption that General Pukach was personally involved in Mr.Gongadze's detention on the 16th of September, 2000, after which he disappeared.

The other event is an attempt upon the life of a criminal leader, and the police's agent, Volodymyr Kysil'. Lately his jeep was blasted with a large load of explosives. Despite of wounds, Kysil' survived, but further attepts to murder him are likely. According to many sources, the people of Kysil himself were directed to move Mr.Gongadze out of town and, perhaps, murder him. In particular, Ihor Goncharov, a police officer and one of the accused in Gongadze's case, testified about this, before he mysteriously died while being under investigation.

Unexpectedly, Mr.Piskun's dismissal brought about a parlamentary crisis in Ukraine - Mr.Kuchma proposed Mr.Vasyl'jev, who is currently the vice-speaker of the ukrainian parliament, to take Piskun's place. Thus, serious parlamentary confrontation is provoked, since the nessecity of election of a new vice-speaker under current condigtions can lead to an attempt of the re-election of the whole presidium, and a serious political crisis in Ukraine.

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