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додано: 12-03-2004
Європарламент: Human rights in Ukraine

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Human rights in Ukraine

Joint motion for a resolution on Ukraine
Doc.: B5-0129/2004, B5-0132/2004, B5-0135/2004, B5-0137/2004, B5-0139/2004, B5-0141/2004, B5-0143/2004
Debate : 11.03.2004
Vote : 11.03.2004


Parliament adopted a resolution on the political situation in Ukraine.
MEPs are calling for the Ukrainian authorities to improve prison conditions and end arbitrary detention. They also ask the government of Ukraine to respect freedom of expression and undertake sustained and effective measures to prevent and punish interventions against free and independent media and violence against journalists. MEPs express concern at the recent closure of the newspaper Silsky Visti, the jamming of Radio Liberty broadcasts and the campaign against the Fifth Channel. Parliament calls on the Ukrainian Government to make every effort to clarify the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of journalist Yuriy Chechyk and of the other high-profile journalists who have been victims of road accidents or death in bizarre circumstances.
MEPs are also calling for the Ukrainian government to clarify allegations that its secret service was instructed to spy on journalists and Ukrainian and foreign politicians in their respective home countries in order to discourage them from continuing to take up human rights issues in Ukraine.
Parliament notes the rejection by the Ukrainian Parliament of part of the draft law on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine and the efforts of the opposition in this respect, while stating its belief that the legitimacy of constitutional change should be derived from genuine public support for its aims. MEPs encourage Ukraine to respond positively to the offer by the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) of further cooperation in the field of constitutional reforms.
MEPs are urging the Council and Commission to monitor closely the situation in Ukraine, to take an active part in the run-up to next autumn’s presidential elections and to support a joint action with the OSCE/ODHIR and the Council of Europe. Finally, they call on the Ukrainian authorities to make a formal commitment to hold October’s forthcoming presidential elections in conditions of the greatest possible transparency.

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