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додано: 12-08-2004

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By Tamara Gallo-Olexy, Executive Director
Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)
Washington, D.C., New York, NY, August 9, 2004

NEW YORK, The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA)
is seeking individuals interested in serving as International Election
Observers for Ukraine's upcoming presidential election.

As in previous years, the UCCA will be actively participating in Ukraine's
electoral process by hosing a delegation of International Election
Observers for the October 31, 2004 election.

The UCCA delegation will be registered with Ukraine's Central Election
Commission and each delegate will have the right to act an official
election monitor.

The UCCA will coordinate local travel within Ukraine, arrange for briefing
seminars and provide all the necessary election materials for each election
monitor. However, all expenses related to travel, food and lodging must
be borne by the individuals themselves.

The UCCA is required to register its delegation with the Central Election
Commission, therefore, the deadline for submitting an application to
UCCA is August 31, 2004. More detailed information about UCCA's
International Election Observer program can be found on the UCCA website
at http://www.UCCA.org/events/elections2004.html.

Anyone interested in serving as an International Election Observer, should
call 212 228 6840 or send an e-mail to ucca@ucca.org, UCCA's office
in New York, to obtain an application packet. (END)

Версія до друку // Редагувати // Стерти // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1092296510.html

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