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додано: 20-10-2004
:: PORA! repeats the fate of OTPOR!

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PORA! repeats the fate of OTPOR!

Police is cracking down on civic youth movement PORA! (www.kuchmizm.info) just as it did with Serbian Otpor, whose experience, methods and knowledge PORA! has been using in its activities.

In the last week dozens of activists were expelled form the universities, arrested, persecuted, beaten up in virtually all regions of Ukraine. Both police and secret service participates in the hunt.

Several regional offices were robbed and destroyed. In the Kyiv and Chernigiv office the explosives were put stealthily. Organisation is accused on the national scale in being a terroristic unit preparing terroristic activities across the country. And this after almost daily repeating of the message by the PORA activists that this is a non-violent resistance organisation. The only activities they have been undertaking - spreading information and organising street actions.

According to the leaks form the enforcement agencies, today there will be massive searches & arrests all over Ukraine. They will search NGOs premises (mostly PORA! but also partner ones), they'll plant drugs, explosives, and weapons - note that PORA uses non-violent means of protests only.
Youngsters will be beaten up & arrested just for taking an active civic position and willing to live in a NORMAL country.

Please let everyone know, in Ukraine and abroad. Alarm your media, write an article!

Gangsters must be in jails, not students who are spreading the leaflets!

Версія до друку // Редагувати // Стерти // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1098272914.html

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