: 25-10-2004
::: A letter to Maidan

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"Dear friends!

Since for some reason Western media are not providing enough appropriate information about the constant outrages being committed in Ukraine, we would like to attract your attention to the following.

The current Ukrainian Presidential election process has been characterized by local and international observers as fraudulent and unfair.

Among the most widespread irregularities are:

Manipulations of voters lists
misspelling of names, inclusion of deceased voters, arbitrary cancellation of genuine voters sometimes reaching up to 70% of the total voters' contingent in a particular area.

Intimidation of members of the district election committees
through bribery or threats so as to force them to falsify the eventual vote count.

Pressuring of voters by the management
senior managers/bosses at commercial enterprises, and institutions such as Universities, profiting from the low awareness by voters of their democratic rights, are forcing them to vote for the right pro-regime candidate, Mr. Yanukovych.

Persecution of those media
which express opinions other than the regimes depriving them of licenses, beating up their journalists, issuing threats to printing house management, and already guilty of having had several editorial offices burnt down or robbed by hired thugs

Obstacles to printed materials distribution
with the help of the executive law enforcement agencies and/or mafia criminals the distribution of printed materials of opposition candidates is blocked

Unequal access to the national media
according to statistics for each 20 seconds allotted to the opposition candidate in the national channel (UT-1) there are 35 minutes reserved for the pro-regime candidate

Persecution of youth and human rights activists
arrests, fabricated criminal cases, searches, interrogations, beatings, in order to prevent them from participation in civic activities in support of free and fair elections and/or the opposition candidates

Distortion or total falsification of information
in the national TV channels and newspapers the only source of information for about 40% of the countrys population

Unequal treatment of Ukrainian voters in different countries
refusal of authorities to open additional polling stations for 7 million Ukrainians abroad (e.g. in Russia with 3 million Ukrainians 41 polling stations will be opened and in Italy, where there are about 1,5 million Ukrainian voters only 2 polling stations)

Limiting mobility
in order to decrease the quantity of opposition candidate supporters during rallies the police is limiting their mobility within the country (confiscation of bus drivers driving licenses, removal of license plates from the vehicles, damaging the vehicles, blocking trains and long-distance buses)

Bribing the supporters
to increase the size of pro-regime rallies, citizens are being bribed to participate

etc. etc. etc


On the 31rst of October the Ukrainian people will have a chance for a dramatic shift in their destiny by electing a new President. These are the most crucial elections in Ukraine's recent history, since for the first time we have a candidate, Mr. Victor Yushchenko, who:

1. Enjoys genuine support of the majority of population despite the counter activities of the ruling regime.
2. Has never occupied any of the senior Soviet Communist positions priot to 1991 and thus has no "Sovietized" (i.e. perverse) perspective on values such as democracy, human rights, freedom of speech etc.
3. Is an economist by education and with a solid track record (he was head of the National Bank of Ukraine for 7 years and, in 1999-2001, Prime Minister of the most successful Ukrainian government.)
4. Is in tune with the culture, language and history of his own country.

For the first time Ukraine has a genuine chance to reverse the deterioration of its democratic standards (systematically engineered for years by the current regime) and to get on track towards transparency in government,European integration,and, most importantly, towards normal living standards for its people, millions of whom are currently forced to seek a livelihood abroad as migrant workers

At the same time the ruling regime is unwilling to relinquish its baneful influence on the political, economic, social and cultural processes in the country. The powers that be are doing everything possible to ensure that their "man", Mr. Victor Yanukovych, become the next President, even if this means trampling on the Constitution and the laws of the country in the process. The regime has already committed a host of crimes and irregularities in the election campaign, and apparently plans to commit still more.

Yesterday, on the 23rd of October Mr. Yushchenko - the main people's candidate - gathered a rally of over 100,000 supporters in front of the Central Election Committee (CEC) building, stating in his address that the people will protect their rights in case the CEC decides to falsify the election results. After the rally had ended and most people had left, those still standing in the square were attacked by a group of 50 men, equipped with hammers and broken bottles. It was subsequently proven that these arrackers were police officers dressed as civilians. This attack by the criminalized "police" resulted in 18 people being hospitalized, while regime-controlled national media spread disinformation about police having been victimized by the opposition...

We would like you to be aware of what is happening just hundreds or maybe even dozens of kilometers from your own country. People are trying to defend on the streets their right to a normal life. Please convey this information far and wide - it is important to let everyone know! Nothing is more frightening to our regime than the availability of truth about its deeds! Demand that your media report this! Human rights are a universal concern after all.

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