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додано: 28-10-2004
:: Military Parade Ends Without Incidents in Kyiv
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Military parade in Kyiv in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of
liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi Germany has finished without
incidents. It was attended by very few viewers from the general

BBC correspondent in Kyiv reports from the streets that the security
measures have been unprecedented. The central streets of the Ukrainian
capital were filled not with ordinary people but with a lot of
military units and special police security forces.

The unusually small number of viewers in the parade is also explained
by the fact that it has taken place on a working day. Many Kyivites
have experienced problems getting from A to B in the morning and early

The opposition leaders said the day before that the military parade
just three days before election has been badly timed and the military
that has taken part in it could be used to suppress possible
opposition protests on October 31.

Hovewer, the defence ministry announced that the military would not be
used against protestors and promised to withdraw forces from the
capital immediately after parade.

Presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan Putin and Aliev were present on
the parade, but president of Belarus Lukashenka was missing. He went
home on Wednesday for unknown reasons. Some correspondents suggest
that the presence of the notorious dictator president of Belarus would
not improve the image of Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-governmental
presidential candidate supported by Russia. Mr Yanukovych was seen
having a lengthy conversation with Vladimir Putin during the parade.

Civil patrols of “Maidan” and “Pora!” activists that were in the downtown in order to protect the veterans of the WWII from the possible provocations reported that they did not see any suspicious activity during the military parade.

There were no excesses, which comes as no surprise, taking into account that the majority of the spectators were from police, army and special service with only a handful of the journalists among them.

After the end of the parade the activists of the civil resistance movement stopped their patrolling and returned back to their homes/workplaces/schools/whatever.

“Pora!” (“It’s Time!”) is planning another action in Kiev today – this time educational. The slogan of this action is “It’s time to love!”

We conquered the fascism. We conquered the communism. We will conquer kuchmizm too!

Версія до друку // Редагувати // Стерти // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/1098968702.html

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