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Manifesto of Ukrainian Democratic Forces

We, Ukrainian democratic forces, on Ukraines 10th anniversary say: it is our Day.

Unlike the corrupted and anti-national regime called Ukrainian authorities through a historical mistake, who wants to covert a national holiday into the amnesty of its own crimes against the freedom of speech, democracy, independence and human rights, we meet the Independence Day proud and worried.

Proud, because our nation in spite of centuries of hopelessness, sufferings and ruin managed to achieve its own independent state and to meet the first anniversary of this sacredness.

Worried, because the present regime changes nations hopes for a free and wealthy life in Ukraine into a utopia.

Our anniversary really misses festival traces. Because many generations of our ancestors imagined Ukraine differently. Because those who wanted the independence 10 years ago imagined it differently.

Those who defended and released it from imperial chains, those who voted because of their convictions and free will for their states independence, imagined it differently.

It is a pity that our country in 10 years lost more than achieved. In spite of millions hopes of building of a democratic state and affluent society we have got a totalitarian state, the authorities of which have put the nation outlaw. Not liberty, justice and honour but corruption, poverty and unemployment became symbols of modern Ukraine. The number of the unborn and those who left their Motherland in search of rescue has grown to millions, more and more people have lost the hope to see their dreams realized.

But the struggle is not vain. More and more people reject indifference and hopelessness. They want to be hosts in their own state. They want work and welfare, quiet and agreement, they want to be free, as our Constitution reads. Less and less are cheated with brutal lie and ridiculous promises.

So let us make our choice, let us unite and begin a big work of building really independent and free Ukraine not to allow the evil to enroot in our home, to make a great day of purification of the country from criminal and governing dust, to hinder our children from slavery!

We are Ukrainian people who live on their own country.
We have glorious history, countless treasures and diligence behind us. We are responsible for our future.

It does not decline our spirit even now when the evil is strong. We see that it is not time to divide ourselves into the left and the right. Ukraine is a river with two banks. Both, the left and the right one are Ukrainian. We understand that the border divides those who rob the people and the state, who sells Ukraine, and those who does not put up with the evil, who is not silent, who acts, who is a real patriot!

Today the whole world sees the alienation authorities from its own people, when it thinks only about its own security disgracing and robbing our Ukraine! These people have neither honour, nor conscious. Ukraine has no future with them. Taking them away from ruling the country is a sacred duty of each patriot, each real citizen!

This authority, this system must be changed. We believe in justness of this actions and righteousness of chosen way. When we step on the way of unity, organization of public actions, we managed to take away peacefully and democratically the most compromised officials, to open worlds eyes on crimes of Ukrainian government, to give people a hope of changes for better!

In spite of regimes showing its stability even today it is of the past. And we will make all our efforts; will make everything to save Ukraine from dictatorship.

The regime when people rule by themselves is called democracy. We are struggling and will achieve this regime for Ukraine.

Then peoples hopes will realize. Ukraine will be reborn. The quiet and confidence will come to our homes. The chains will fall. The robbing of the people will stop. Our Motherland will flourish, will be kind to all her sons and daughters.

Struggle for democratic and independent Ukraine!

Let us be responsible!
Let us unite and we will win!

Together to better life!

: 24-08-2001 // URL: http://maidan.org.ua/static/mai/998653798.html
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